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The Traditional Christmas Hamper -  Serves 4

The Traditional Christmas Hamper - Serves 4

Christmas comes but once a year, so if you are a traditionalist then our hot lunch hamper will be perfect for you. Generous serving for 4 guests. Everything is cooked and just needs heating. Too easy!

Hamper contents are as per below. If you would like to swap products within these hampers, please order each of the items singularly via the Christmas menu page.


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Meal Plan

Christmas Hamper Traditional Hot

1/2 kg Turkey Breast, Cooked + Sliced - serves 4
1/2 kg Sliced Double Smoked Ham - Fresh
Traditonal gravy - serves 8
Roast Vegetables w Garlic - serves 4-6
Orange, Almond + Herb Stuffing - Serves 4-6
Mince pies - Fresh - 6 pack


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