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The Family Christmas Hamper - Serves 6-8

The Family Christmas Hamper - Serves 6-8

Hands down, the easiest option this Christmas is our No Cook Christmas Food Hamper. No slaving over a hot stove for you this year, your gourmet hamper is ready to serve and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Take to the great outdoors, crack open the champagne and celebrate...without any effort!

Serves 6 -8 guests

Hamper contents are as per below. If you would like to swap products within these hampers, please order each of the items singularly via the Christmas menu page.


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Meal Plan

No Cook Hamper

Hot Finger Food Entertaining Pack - 20 pack
Vodka cured gravlax - serves 4
All Meals
1kg Australian tiger prawns
Ham + Turkey Pack - fresh Serves 8 - New larger size
Christmas Greek Salad - add you own greens - serves 6-8
Sourdough Bread 'Bake at Home' - serves 8
Dessert Tasting Plate - serves 6-10


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