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Glad you see you here! We thought the QR code was a neat way for you to access our latest news. Like all home delivery businesses COVID19 was good for us and we feel very lucky to be on the PLUS side of that equation. Now that things have settled down The GDS Team and I have re-grouped and made the following improvements will think you'll seriously like and enjoy. Most of it has come from your feedback, so please keep it coming.

  1. New meals every month – we needed to ramp up our offerings so in May we added 7 new meals and will do so each month. The most popular meals will stay on for a few months but we plan to overhaul the whole menu in the coming year.  We are more than confident you'll love these new meals (the staff are very happy guinea pigs) and from time to time we'll bring back some of the old fav's so you can stock up on them. Click on the link or go to Monthly Meals.
  2. Mains for 2 – all our mains now serve 2 people. Previously it served 1-2 but we feel a larger serve will better suit couples or if eating solo, you can enjoy the meal twice by eating the leftovers a few days later. We are still in transit mode so you'll see a mix of both on the menu right now.
  3. More family meals – what we found with COVID was we started selling lots more family meals so have ramped up our offerings and have more new meals in the pipeline. What this space for Pulled pork + roast capsicum pizza, Braised short ribs with pineapple glaze and more...
  4. 100% enviro-friendly – it's the last of the polystyrene! From June 2021 all our delivery boxes will be cardboard with eco-friendly insulation. You can add the cardboard and insulation to your normal council recycling or if you want to give them a longer life, just leave them out when you are expecting your next delivery.
  5. New loyalty program – we have so so many loyal customers and now you can now earn points for discounts at the checkout. Joining is automatic and you'll be earning points on every order!
  6. Still providing the best meals in town. One of our commitments is to constantly provide the best tasting meals for you and your family. With new meals coming every month, a loyalty program and great weekly email offers we reckon we'll be cooking for you more often!

Just to make you smile a little bit more, here's $20 gift to spend on anything on our site. But don’t delay, this is a limited offer and won’t last!

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Janel Horton

Owner + Founder (still here!)

$20 gift for you!


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Dietlicious Meals Delivered

Dietlicious Meals Delivered