Convenient Gourmet Food Delivery

convenient gourmet food delivery

Life can be hectic, especially with teenagers. We know, finding time to plan, prepare and cook healthy, tasty and nutritious meals every night just isn’t realistic these days.

Make Gourmet Dinner Service your back plan. Choose from over 100 meals, salads, family size portions, large mains, smaller amazing desserts and even cocktail food to always have on stand-by in the freezer, ready to heat and serve!

We are all about supporting busy lives, with our delicious time saving, home delivered meals. With every dietary need covered, there’s something for everyone, such as vegetarian, vegan, plus meals free from gluten, dairy, nuts, capsicum and coriander. With a huge variety of tastes and flavours, we have plenty of family favourites plus all sorts of entertaining and catering options.

All our meals are cooked by real chefs in a real kitchen, using only top quality 100% real ingredients with nothing nasty added such as preservative or additives. Made fresh then frozen to lock in all the flavour and nutrients, lasting for months in the freezer ready to grab and heat!

And if the kids are coming home hungry after school, all they need to do is to open the freezer and heat! 


With us, everyone always eats well, even on those days when you have run out of time, to think about what’s for dinner.

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*Minimum order $100. Excludes delivery. One coupon per order.