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Both Gourmet Dinner Service + our diet range Dietlicious regularly feature in the media. We are proud to say that both brands have grown to be one of the largest, most recognised and well respected Australian providers of gourmet, ready meals delivered.

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AusParamedic 2019

"7 reasons why frozen is the freshest solution for shift workers."

Men's Fitness Sept 18

"Best for those looking to eat clean and who want the convenience of nutritious frozen meals."

Good Health Nov 15

Their extensive list of pre-made meals only requires you to heat and serve.

 Elle Oct 13

The dinners you have to cook were great. I would happily eat the Greek lamb every night!

Marie Claire Aug 13

Dietlicious' range left me full and satisfied without wanting or craving a sweet treat afterwards


Russh reviews Dietlicious’ new no sugar plan: "I had the flattest stomach"

Marie Claire Apr 13

Healthy, delicious, portion controlled meals. You won't feel like you're missing out, promise!

Harpers Oct 12

Trim, taut & terrific. Tone up, drop those last few kilo’s and overhaul your body. Your summer countdown starts here.

InStyle Jun 12

Dietlicious’ meals are high–protein + packed with vegetables," says nutrionist Susie Burrell. "It’s a safe, tasty way to healthier eating.


The perfect fix for busy women seeking a weight loss solution


It takes all the stress – and effort – out of preparing healthy meals

Marie Claire Aug 13

"Dietlicious' range left me full and satisfied without wanting or craving a sweet treat afterwards"