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New Parents - meals for 1st week

New Parents - meals for 1st week

Bringing home a new baby is an occasion of joy, but it’s often overwhelming and undoubtedly exhausting! This new parents hamper is the perfect gift of healthy, wholesome and delicious meals for two.

Tired, hungry parents are sure to appreciate being able to forget about cooking and focus on their number one concern. Meals keep in the freezer with several months shelf life. Don't like whats in this set hamper? Create your own hamper by ordering meals individually from our menu and leave a gift message at the check out.




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Meal Plan

New Parents

Chicken + mushroom pie
Vegetable lasagne w pesto
Chicken parmigiana
Massaman beef curry
Butter chicken curry
Traditional lasagne
Parmesan mash
Gourmet side salad
Basmati rice
Lemon Tarts - GF - 4 pack