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Ninja chicken
  • 416 Calories
  • 26g Protein
  • 55g Carbs
  • 10g Fat

Ninja chicken


Honey, soy sauce, chicken and healthy fried rice makes up the Ninja Chicken. For a flavour boost pour over the sachet of Honey and Soy Dressing. Three vegetables in this serving.


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Free range chicken (49%), rice (35%), honey (12%), carrot (8%), zucchini (8%), pea (3%), onion, GF soy sauce, ginger, garlic. Honey soy flavour boost sachet: Honey, soy CONTAINS: SOY


Pull back plastic film and remove Hoy Soy sachet. Defrost sauce in hot water 5 minutes. Defrost meal for 3 minutes and heat on high for 1-2 minutes. Use Honey Soy Sauce to add flavour boost to the meal


Meal Type Chicken
Dietary Requirements Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Coriander Free, Capsicum Free, Nut Free
Weight (g) 230g
Serves 1-2
Energy 416 cal
Protein 26g
Fat 10g
Saturated fats 3g
Carbs 55g
Sugar 25g
Sodium 490 mg
Dietary Fibre 2g