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If you’re a woman in peri menopause or menopause, you’ll be experiencing lower oestrogen production and higher testosterone, resulting in increased inflammation in your body. Unfortunately inflammation can sabotage even the best diet! The solution to hormonal weight gain and stubborn belly fat is not as simple as eating well, counting calories and exercising more. It’s reducing inflammation. This meal plan has been carefully designed for peri or menopausal women, by:

- Incorporating plenty of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich foods (omega 3’s, colourful veg, herbs, spices + high fibre.)

- Portion control. Low calorie yet high in protein to suppress hunger + burn fat.

- Removing all processed foods that contain highly inflammatory additives, preservatives, fat, sugar + salt. Our food is all-natural.

- Integrating intermittent fasting for fat burning + metabolic health. You will skip breakfast 3 days a week.

Additionally, to reduce inflammation + reverse menopause weight gain we strongly recommend:

- Exercise to burn calories + prevent the loss of vital muscle + bone mass at this stage of life.

- Reduce your stress as stress is linked to inflammation. Try yoga or meditation.

- You add one piece of colourful fruit a day to this plan to further boost antioxidants + fibre.

Over 40's Diet

This anti-inflammatory weight loss diet specifically targets a range of issues that plague women over the age of 40. It’s designed to help you lose belly fat, enhance your sleep and energy levels, improve your mood + combat ageing. More info on this plan at bottom of page. Also refer to blog Menopause and weight gain: causes, prevention + 9 top tips.