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Gut Health

Improve your gut health with unprocessed food, high in fibre + plants.

Your gut health is vital as it impacts your immune system, body weight, metabolism, brain and mood. You can positively influence the health of your gut microbiome with good food. The best food is high in fibre, largely plant based, unprocessed, contains a wide variety of all plant and animal foods (not relying on the same ingredients day after day), and is free of food additives.

You won’t find anything on the Dietlicious menu that is bad for your gut – all our food meets the criteria above. Having said that, we’ve picked out our very best gut health boosting options below.

For more tips on improving gut health, read our blog post The Secrets to Good Gut Health.

Meals can be eaten in any order & won’t affect results. Please check with your medical professional before undertaking any weight loss plan. This menu is a guide only and meals are subject to change without notice due to seasonality and availability this means macros could change. Each plan will be delivered all at once. 

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