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Superfastdiet - FAQs

Why has Dietlicious partnered with SuperFastDiet?

SuperFastDiet is an easy-to-follow, motivating online program that includes meal planning, sample days, guidelines, tips and tricks, twice-weekly video coaching, expert advice, progress tracking, an amazing Facebook community…in fact everything except the actual food.

That’s where Dietlicious comes in, delivering your meals and snacks to your door to make intermittent fasting, and weight loss, even easier.

Can I still use Dietlicious on non-fast days?

Yes! Dietlicious can deliver healthy, nutritious and of course delicious meals and snacks for every day of the week. Simply choose your non-fast day foods as you normally would, keeping in mind 2000 cals is the recommended maximum for those days.

Do I have to stick to the exact amount of calories on a fasting day/during fasting times?

It’s best to keep as close as you can to the calorie allowance - although not to worry if you go over or under 50 cals or so. You will still lose weight!

Can I eat other food, aside from what I’ve ordered from Dietlicious?

Yes! You can add in lots of low calorie foods and drinks to help you feel fuller for longer. As long as they are mostly water-based, they barely count in your allowance. Feel free to add in carrots, onions and tomatoes along with green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, kale, cucumber and fresh herbs and enjoy black tea/coffee with a dash of lite milk and sweetener, sparkling water or a broth.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Most advocates of SuperFastDiet lose an average of ½ - 1kg a week. That’s 6-12 kilos in 3 months time!



Is there an actual program to follow?

Yes! Go to to access the online program that includes an entire library of sample days, meal plans, helpful guidelines, tips and tricks, twice-weekly video coaching, expert advice, progress tracking and much more.

There is also 1:1 weight loss coaching available and a super supportive Facebook community to keep you motivated and inspired.

Is there a book to help guide me?

Yes! Three in fact. SuperFastDiet and The 3-Day Diet are both bestselling publications and available at all good book and department stores.

The Fastest Diet is coming soon so watch this space!