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2024 Christmas menu - live from October/November 2024!

Please come and see what's on offer around October/November 2024 when we update our entire menu with new offerings for this year's celebratory season.

Take the stress out of the festive season and order a sumptuous Christmas feast. We have been cooking Christmas food for the past 20 years so know how to put on a good spread! We have a great combination of both traditional and modern dishes to choose from, including gluten-free and vegetarian options.

This year’s menu is divided into:

All Christmas Food: see the whole long list of items all in one place or use the sub-categories below
Christmas Starters: entrees, platters and cocktail/party canapes
Christmas Mains: turkey, ham, other meats, seafood, salads and side dishes
Christmas Desserts: puddings, mince pies, chocolate treats and tarts
Christmas Hampers: we’ve packed our most popular entree, main & dessert options, ready to serve 4, 6 or 8 people.

Ordering your Christmas food is so easy - there is a photo of every item, cooking instructions and serving suggestions too. We also have some special information on our blog for those who need a little extra help with Stress-free Christmas catering for the masses, How to make it or fake it and How to Serve Our Christmas Menu

Download our printable Christmas Menu here.

Christmas Menu Deliveries

Well another year has rolled around and we’re talking Christmas again!

Christmas delivery runs are finalised in November but rest assured that all areas will be serviced in the days leading right up to and including 24th December. You can also pick up from us in the week leading up to Christmas, up until 24th December.

From 1st November the delivery runs will be loaded and you can use the postcode box above to check your delivery options.

For any queries please call the lovely team in customer service on 1300 131 070.

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