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Why Gourmet Dinner Service?

Australian Owned

Gourmet Dinner Service is 100% Australian owned and operated. We got our start in Janel’s home kitchen with a few dollars and a lot of hard work. Since then, we’ve grown into one of Australia’s most respected, innovative meal companies, with commercial kitchens in three states and employing a multicultural, passionate team.

Profits stay in Australia. Since we started in 1994, we’ve cooked millions of meals and helped countless happy customers save time, feel great and achieve their healthy eating goals. Unlike many of the big players in the industry, we’re proud that all our profits stay right here on Australian soil.


Environmentally Committed

Sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. In 2020, we were the first prepared meals company to make the switch to more environmentally-friendly packaging options. Our chilled salad trays are made from biodegradable plant sources. Our frozen food trays are recyclable and we are working with suppliers to find more sustainable options. This year alone, we will save millions of plastic containers and lids from landfill and stop the use of 50,000+ single use plastic bags.

Cardboard delivery boxes. We also made the switch from polystyrene to cardboard delivery boxes as standard. Your order comes complete with wool pack and dry ice for insulation ensuring it arrives in tip top condition. The box and wool pack can be recycled, please pop them into your recycle bin.

Zero food waste. Because we cook to set recipes, our kitchens create near zero food waste.

Ingredient Integrity

Taste + quality never compromised. The proof is in the pudding…so tuck into one of our meals and enjoy a flavour-packed meal by chefs who know what they are doing.

No fake foods or additives. Cooking from scratch is the only way we know how to cook so we never use any preservatives, additives or genetically modified anything here. Our health and yours is our only concern and that’s why what we leave out is just as important as what we put in! Because we freeze our meals there’s no reason to add any nasty stuff - freezing is nature’s preservative.

Flavour Diversity

Passionate + talented chefs. Our kitchen is headed by foodies who love eating and love cooking. Coming from all corners of the globe they bring expertise, tradition, and authentic recipes…and none of them consider McDonalds a ‘restaurant’!

The secret is our herbs and spices. True enough, you can’t build flavour in a meal without The Holy Trinity of flavours; garlic, herbs and spices and the key is the combination and balance. We draw inspiration from all over the planet, so there’s plenty of cuisines to choose from on our menu.