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Home Care Package Meals Delivered To Your Door

  • We make 100% wholesome, natural, ready made meals to optimise elderly nutrition. Our meals are snap frozen and we don't use any preservatives or additives.
  • We will deliver direct to your home. If you require any specific help, let us know when ordering, so we can inform our drivers.
  • Our seniors meals come with simple reheating instructions.
  • You can review our full menu online here for Gourmet Dinner Service.  Printable menus are also available using the button below.
  • Our team has been assisting Home Care Package (HCP) clients for many years. You’ll always find a friendly and helpful voice on the end of the phone if you have questions or want to order. Phone 1300 131 070.
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Am I eligible for Aged Care meals on my Home Care Package ?

To be eligible for home delivered meals for seniors, your Aged Care Plan needs to include prepared meals (Meal Prep and Delivery). If you’re not sure if your plan includes aged care meals, get in touch with Aged Care or your Home Care Provider or Case Manager to find out.


What do the meals cost me?

This depends on your Home Care Package plan arrangements. Most clients make a small co-payment to cover the cost of the food ingredients only - this is usually 30% of the total cost of the meal. The HCP pays the remaining 70% which covers the food preparation, packaging and delivery. For example, if you have a 30% co-payment then your out-of-pocket expense averages around $3.80 per meal.


How can I order and pay?

Unlike many Aged Care Meal providers, we make it easy for you to order by phone, email or online! Please call our friendly customer service team for initial set up.

  1. Provider managed - pay 30% upfront and we invoice your Home Care Provider the rest.
  2. Self managed - pay 100% and you claim back from your Home Care Plan provider.


Welcome packs, valued at $99, your co-payment for free!

We've created two sample packs and you can try one pack for FREE. We know that once you've tried our meals, you won't go back! All meals come frozen so can be stored and used as needed.

What does it cost? These packs are free to all new customers. Total value is approx $99*. We will waive the 30% co-payment and only charge the plan provider ($69.30 + delivery).*

Custom Sample Packs? Please call our customer service team to arrange.

How to order? Call on 1300 131 070. Please remember to mention this offer.

* For new customers only

  • Classic Pack

  • Classic Pack - 7 meals + dessert

    You’ll be right at home with these classic meals. Beautifully cooked in the traditional way by chefs who know what these meals should taste like!

    • Best Chicken Roast w Gravy + Roast Vegetables
    • Best Lamb Roast w Gravy, Mash + Peas
    • Bangers + Mash w Onion Gravy + Peas
    • Creamy Chicken + Vegetable Pie
    • Shepherds Pie w Double Potato Mash
    • Spaghetti Bolognaise
    • Potato + Leek Soup
    • Italian Chocolate Lamington
  • Healthy Heart Pack

  • Healthy Heart Pack - 8 meals + 2 snacks

    From our sister company Dietlicious, you’ll be delighted just how good these healthy options taste. Lower in calories, salt and carbs, you’ll be back for more!

    • Beef Bourguignon
    • Lamb Tagine w Apricots + Quinoa Pilaf
    • Chicken w Mediterranean Vegetables + Black Olives
    • Cinnamon Scented Lamb w Spicy Eggplant
    • Chicken w Preserved Lemon w Turmeric Zucchini
    • Italian Meatballs w Spinach Risoni
    • Spaghetti Bolognese
    • Vege Lasagne
    • Vanilla Fudge Ball
    • Salted Toffee Ball

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