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Top Selling Meals

  1. Southern Indian coconut chicken
    Southern Indian coconut chicken
    The local Southern Indian name is Chettinad Chicken and is made by toasting a number of spices with coconut and producing an aromatic masala that has a slight aniseed scent. Our version doesn't have as much chilli kick as you would find in India but if you are a fan of curry then this dinner is for you.
  2. Traditional lasagne
    Traditional lasagne
    Rich beef bolognaise sauce between layers of pasta, topped with a lovely bechamel cheese sauce - you get a great mix of flavours in every bite.
  3. Guinness beef pie
    Guinness beef pie
    The popularity of this pie has kept it on our menu for 25 years straight! What makes it a stand out is the tender lean beef that’s been slow cooked in a rich gravy of stout, onions, garlic and fresh herbs. And we top it with crispy pastry of course!
  4. Coq au vin
    Coq au vin
    This French classic, coq au vin is quite simply, chicken braised in wine. But there's nothing simple about the elegant flavours that emerge from our oven roasted chicken combined with bacon, sauteed mushrooms, garlic, tomato and of course, a rich red wine. We also add herbs and the all important paprika to deepen the flavour.

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