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Environment + Recycling


What we’re doing + how you can help by properly disposing of the packaging

Here at Gourmet Dinner Service and  Dietlicious we are passionate about protecting the environment as much as we are about delivering you safe, healthy and high-quality meals.

In 2016, Australians sent 2.2 million tonnes of plastic and another 1.6 million tonnes of paper to landfill. We’re doing our bit to reduce those numbers. This year alone we will save 50 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill. We are already well on track to meet the Australian National Packaging Targets, whereby all packaging should be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Cardboard Delivery Boxes

We recently made the switch to cardboard, but not before rigorously testing to ensure that your delivery would arrive in tip top condition! Each box contains a pack of dry ice to keep things cool and wool pack liner to protect fresh items.

Recycle the box: place it into your cardboard box in your recycling bin.


Woolpack Liners

Wooolpack is proudly manufactured in Australia and New Zealand from 100% biodegradable and compostable sheep’s wool inside compostable/recyclable food grade film. Its thermal properties help maintain a stable temperature inside the delivery box.

Compost or reuse the wool: the wool is home compostable and biodegradable, suitable to place in your green garden bin or to bury in your backyard, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil. You can also reuse around the home for example, in vege patches, pet bedding and crafts.

Recycle the wool back to us: we will accept your Woolpack liners back, so just leave out when you’re expecting your next delivery from us.

Recycle the plastic cover: in soft plastics REDcycle via Coles or Woolworths.


Dry Ice

We use dry ice to ensure that your chilled items remain really cold, regardless of the season. Please use caution, dry ice is much colder than regular ice and can burn the skin similar to frostbite. It also releases carbon dioxide so leave in a well ventilated area.

Evaporate the dry ice: dry ice will evaporate naturally within a few hours so leave it in your delivery box until it’s evaporated and is safe to handle.

Recycle the plastic cover: once it’s safe to handle, recycle the plastic cover.


Food Containers - Trays

Our trays are made from rapidly renewable plant sources and are compostable.

Compost the tray: place in council composting bins, or your home compost. Alternatively, check your local community garden or sites such as ShareWaste or EarthBucket for composting facilities near you. Tearing the tray into small pieces will speed up the rate of decomposition.


Clear Lids

The clear plastic lids for the containers are made from PET, which is a recyclable plastic.

Recycle the lids: Remove food residue and place in your plastics recycling bin.


Foil Containers

Foil containers can also be recycled or saved for reuse.

Recycle the foil: Remove food residue and place in your containers recycling bin.


Plastic Bags

We have discontinued the use of single-use plastic bags for customer pick-ups and are gradually replacing any other plastic bags with biodegradable plant plastics.


Food Waste

We are proud to say that our commercial kitchens create near to zero food waste. That’s because we plan our production, purchase our ingredients according to defined quantities and cook to set recipes. Our meals are portioned so there’s less waste at your end too. Plus, freezing food cuts down on waste thanks to the longer shelf life.