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Thai red curry w salmon, sweet potato, beans + peas
  • 441 Calories
  • 35g Protein
  • 19g Carbs
  • 24g Fat

Thai red curry w salmon, sweet potato, beans + peas

This dish brings forth the best that Thai cooking has to offer. The delicious blend of spice paste, garlic, ginger and coriander delivers a flavour hit which is beautifully balanced with the creamy texture of the coconut milk. The salmon provides essential omega 3’s while the green beans, peas and sweet potato are hard at work topping you up with fibre and nutrients. This is a high protein meal with low carbs and healthy fats coming in under 450 calories so you can enjoy guilt-free.

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Salmon (39%), sweet potato (15%), beans (17%), peas (3%), coconut milk, peanut/olive oil, onion, red curry paste, sugar, salt, garlic, ginger, coriander. CONTAINS: TREE NUTS, SESAME



Defrost + heat.


Meal Type Fish
Dietary Requirements Gluten Free, Dairy Free
Weight (g) 410
Serves 1
Energy 441 cal
Protein 35g
Fat 24g
Saturated fats 3g
Carbs 19g
Sugar 6g
Sodium 410mg
Dietary Fibre 3g