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Diabetic Meal Delivery

If you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-diabetes and are looking to manage your diet or lose weight, Gourmet Dinner Service or it's sister company, Dietlicious, may be able to help with home delivered diabetic meals. 

The good news is that just because you're diabetic, doesn't mean you have to give up on taste! All our meals are cooked from scratch using wholefoods and healthy ingredients and they are made to taste delicious! Plus you'll get the added peace of mind that we never add preservatives or any fake ingredients in our food. It's all natural.

What to consider when you need diabetic meals delivered?

Diabetics do need to be very careful about what they eat as the health consequences of consuming the wrong foods can be quite significant.  Here's a few things to consider when you choose your diabetic meals:

-        Portion control – ensuring you eat the right amount for your size and activity level.

-        Carbohydrate quality & quantity – to help you control blood sugar levels.

-        Fibre – which nourishes a healthy gut microbiome & also helps blood glucose management.

Where to find the healthy, portion-sided range on the Gourmet Dinner Service website?

Check out our Complete Meals for 1 which are all made by Dietlicous and are designed to be smaller in size and yet big on nutrition. You can still order all your favourite Mains for 2 and Family Meals from GDS but slip a few of these healthier options into your cart at the same time.

Need a bigger selection of Diabetic meals and meal plans?

If you're only looking for meals to suit someone with diabetes, then may be suggest you check out our sister company, Dietlicious.  There you will find a much more extensive menu of diabetic friendly meals and meal plans.

Diabetic Meal Plans – Take the stress out of planning your meals for the week.  Perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced and calorie counted. All you need to do is eat!

Diabetic Meals - The freedom to choose what you want, when you want. 

Great to have on standby in the fridge as a convenient 100% healthy meal when you lack the time or can’t be bothered cooking.

We recommend talking with your doctor or dietitian first so you can make an informed decision about your diet.