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Kid Friendly - 5 meals
  • Serves 4-6 Calories

Kid Friendly - 5 meals

We’ve packaged five child friendly favourites into this yummy hamper that will get you out of any dinner predicament. Straight from the freezer to the table in record time, your family will appreciate the speed and the taste. You’ll appreciate too that it’s chef-made with only wholefood, healthy ingredients and no preservatives. It’s just like home cooking, only better!

Meals are a generous serve for families of 4-6 people and are guaranteed kid and adult pleasers. Store in the freezer for use as and when needed.

*To complete the meals just serve with vegetables or salad.

Chicken napolitano lasagne

Beef + corn enchiladas

Pasta al Forno

Mac + cheese

Chicken teriyaki


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Meal Plan

Kid Friendly

Family mac, cheese + bacon
Beef + corn enchiladas - family
Chicken Napolitano + pesto lasagne
Family teriyaki chicken
Pasta al forno