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Mains for 1 - 2

Meals Delivered

Our main meals for 1-2 people are intended for those with big appetites or for sharing between two people.  Designed as the main component, make sure you add a side dish or two (or make your own), to complete the meal.

We use only the finest produce, fresh every day from markets, farms and trusted local suppliers. And we never use preservatives, additives or anything artificial so you can be certain that what you’re eating is just like homemade, only better!

Once our talented chefs have created our mouth-watering meals, we snap freeze them to ensure that vital nutrients and flavours are retained, from our kitchen to yours. They store for months in the freezer, so keep your stocks up and never be caught hungry again.

What could be more convenient or delicious than our chef created, pre made meals delivered to your door?

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  2. Dietary Requirements
    Capsicum Free
  3. Dietary Requirements
    Coriander Free
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    Nut Free
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  1. Fish
  2. Chicken
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Dietary Requirements
  1. Gluten Free
  2. Coriander Free
  3. Capsicum Free
  4. Nut Free
  • Chicken + leek pie
    • Serves 1-2 Calories
    • 67g Protein
    • 48g Carbs
    • 75g Fat
    Chicken + leek pie Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free
  • Chicken + mushroom pie
    • Serves 1- 2 Calories
    • 49g Protein
    • 34g Carbs
    • 60g Fat
    Chicken + mushroom pie Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free
  • Chicken stroganoff
    • Serves 1-2 Calories
    • 59g Protein
    • 6g Carbs
    • 31g Fat
    Chicken stroganoff Gluten Free Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free