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We recognised how hard it was to find great tasting prepared salads delivered to your door. So we set our chefs the challenge of making them and boy, are we pleased we did!

What separates our salads from the rest is that they contain a generous portion of protein along with healthy carbs and fresh leafy greens. The other vital component is the dressing as it brings all the flavours together. What you end up with is a range of knockout salads that are imaginative, provide excellent nutrition and yet the low calories mean they’re perfect for anyone watching their weight. Our salads definitely won’t leave you hungry but they may leave you wanting more!

How long will they last?

Our healthy salads will last 4 days in your fridge and can’t be frozen. Simply thaw (or heat) the protein, toss and enjoy!

Salads are delivered fresh, straight from our kitchen to yours. We do not use unnatural gas-flushing techniques to artificially extend shelf life, as some of our competitors do.

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