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Making home delivered frozen meals for 30 years!

Pioneering the frozen ready made meals market

Did you know that Gourmet Dinner Service was one of the first frozen food delivery companies? Opening our doors in 1994, the idea of selling frozen ready made meals for busy people who didn’t have time to cook, was really quite novel. Getting premade frozen meals home delivered was something of a luxury back then, typically reserved for executive types who worked long hours but valued coming home to a quality, home cooked meal. Not so, anymore! Now, having healthy frozen meals delivered is viewed as a necessity as more people are working, commuting and juggling kids and family commitments. GDS are proud to have been pioneers of the frozen meals delivery industry.

Flavour is why we’re the best frozen meal delivery service

Times have changed and yet our philosophy on food has remained the same. Our aim is to create wonderfully tasty and wholesome meals using top quality, all-natural, wholefood ingredients. Our team of talented chefs pride themselves on taking the finest, locally sourced produce and raw ingredients and combining them with a range of herbs, spices and kitchen knowhow to build flavour into every dish. Drawing inspiration from around the globe, we use authentic Eastern and Western recipes to bring you a menu of varied cuisine from many cultures.

We snap-freeze to lock in goodness & keep out preservatives

Cooking from scratch is the only way we know how to cook and we never use any preservatives, additives or genetically modified anything here. To preserve the quality and integrity of our food, we snap freeze our freshly cooked meals to lock in all the nutrients and flavour. This way, you and your family get all the goodness and taste you deserve, without any harmful additives.

We are firmly opposed to food being treated with any chemicals, preservatives, additives or gases to artificially extend shelf life. Our food comes to you as nature intended, no tampering. Freezing is nature’s preservative.

Want to know more about why we believe in frozen food delivery?

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If you’re ready to get the best frozen meals delivered to your door, check out our menu below.

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