6 Cool Reasons Why Frozen Beats Fresh

6 Cool Reasons Why Frozen Beats Fresh

The practice of freezing food dates back to 3,000BC when ancient Chinese populations used ice to store provisions. Freezing technology has come a long way since then! Today, the freezer is an integral appliance in our homes, used daily for storing and food preservation.

There are certainly many benefits to eating fresh food but here we’re going to highlight some very cool reasons why frozen may actually be a better option.

1.    Preservative-Free

Our coolest reason is that frozen food, such as our own ready-made meals do not contain any preservatives.  Freezing is a wholly natural process for food preservation, enabling perishables to keep long-term, using a simple reduction in temperature.

So many processed foods today are stuffed-full of indecipherable ingredients used to unnaturally extend shelf life. We’re firmly opposed to that.  We believe that freshly frozen foods are by far a worthier choice.

2.    Better Nutrition

Ever wondered how long ago those seemingly ‘fresh’ fruit and veges were harvested or how long they’ve sat on a truck or in cold storage, before making it to you? Every day that goes by, those fresh items are rapidly declining in nutrients. Take this study on spinach for example, after just one day in the fridge, 29% of Vitamin C content was lost.

In the fresh versus frozen debate, the common perception that fresh food has significantly greater nutritional value than its frozen counterpart is not supported. That’s because freezing prevents the attrition of sensitive vitamins and nutrients, and refrigeration does not.

We buy the freshest produce from trusted local suppliers, prepare our meals daily and snap freeze to lock in the maximum amount of nutrients, so that the good nutrition as well as flavours remain intact.

3.    Convenient & Flexible

No matter what the occasion, a well-stocked freezer can solve all your meal dilemmas quickly and easily. The convenience of a frozen meal cannot be overstated. Forgot to shop or home late from a busy day? That’s okay, your frozen meal can be ready on the table in minutes.

With their long shelf life, you can confidently stock up on frozen products without fearing any drop in quality and then use as and when required.

4.    Increased Variety

Thanks to freezing, we now have access to a vast selection of ingredients from around the globe, all year round at affordable prices. Taste too is optimised when the food is frozen from fresh-made or at the natural ripening time.

5.    Food Safety

Freezing food stops the microbiological activity, including pathogens which can cause food poisoning. That’s good news for you and your family! As long as you store the food correctly and follow the directions for thawing and cooking, frozen food is extremely safe.

6.    Reduce Waste

Did you know that we Australian’s throw away up to 20% of all the groceries we buy? Think about what that’s doing to your family budget, let alone the environment. All that wasted food ends up in landfill, which breaks down and emits harmful greenhouse gases such as C02 and methane.

Frozen food is easy to keep (for many months), easy to use and creates no waste – just take from the freezer as you need. It’s good for your pocket and it’s good for the planet.

Here at Gourmet Dinner Service we are proud to say that our commercial kitchens create near to zero food waste. That’s because we plan our production, purchase our ingredients according to scheduled quantities and cook to set recipes.

Our frozen meals are “fresher than fresh”

We love fresh food and that’s why we cook our meals daily and then snap-freeze them to lock in the nutrients and goodness so that the quality is maintained, right to your door (and for many more months in your freezer).

We are firmly opposed to fresh ingredients being treated with any chemicals, preservatives, additives or gases to artificially extend their shelf life. Our food comes to you as nature intended, no tampering. From our kitchen to yours, with love.

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