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  1. Healthy ageing: 4 daily habits for optimal brain health

    Healthy ageing: 4 daily habits for optimal brain health

    If you’re in middle or older age, you may have noticed your memory and focus isn’t what it used to be. Thankfully there are things you can do to boost your cognitive health. In fact, play your cards right and you can create a huge turnaround so that you’re sharper than ever.

    Your mental performance is an important part of who you are and when it begins to slip, it can take away from your level of home care independence and overall quality of life. These cognitive skills include things like decision making, memory, capacity to learn and your language. When you work at sharpening these abilities, the good news is that you may also help to elevate your mood and improve physical mobility too, so it’s a win-win for healthy ageing.

    Ready to learn how to whip your brain into gear in your older years? Let’s go!

  2. How to boost your immune system this Winter

    How to boost your immune system this Winter

    Having a strong immune system is important all year round, but particularly so as we approach flu season. During the colder months, we spend more time indoors, in heated environments and with the windows closed. These factors significantly contribute to allowing all sorts of bugs being able to spread and multiply more easily.

    Thankfully there are a few things you can do to naturally give yourself an immune boost to help ward off harmful pathogens. Doing so might help you avoid the lurgy in the first place. If you’re unlucky enough to catch it, a strong immune system can help you more quickly and effectively get the upper hand and overcome the illness.

  3. Winter warmer meals: Best comfort food to warm you up

    Winter warmer meals: Best comfort food to warm you up

    As soon as the temperate drops, do you find yourself reaching for a double helping of warming foods? We tend to associate meals like cheesy pastas, stews, rich creamy curries, pies and pastries, pub-style meals and chocolatey treats as Winter comfort food. Let us say, these meals are not called comfort food for nothing! Don’t worry, you’re in good company as most people enjoy these Winter warmer meals just like you. There’s even some science around it.

    Head to the GDS Winter Comfort Foods menu here

  4. Benefits of walking: radically improve your health, in just 20 minutes a day

    Benefits of walking: radically improve your health, in just 20 minutes a day

    Walking is man’s best medicine” said none other than Hippocrates, the great Greek physician who is recognised as the founder of modern medicine. Even today, experts agree that there is no other medicine that can positively impact our health in the same way as a daily walk. And that is despite the vast range of pharmaceutical drugs and medical technology we now have within our reach.

    Human beings were not made to sit around. We need to move and not moving is causing us more health problems than you can imagine. The World Health Organization (WHO) cites physical inactivity as the fourth leading risk factor for illness and early death worldwide.

    You don’t need hard-core workouts. Walking is free, it’s simple and just about anyone can do it. It’s also enjoyable and can be social. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and away you go to improve your health and wellbeing!

  5. 6 Easy New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Make

    New Years resolution

    Happy New Year! It’s that time again, yup, time to recommit to your health. We all do it every January but do we follow through? Sadly not. So, instead of setting yourself up for fail with unrealistic goals, here are 6 simple resolutions that will improve your wellbeing and are easy enough to stick to for the long term.


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