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  1. Why it’s easy for you to cook + serve the perfect roast turkey

    Why it’s easy for you to cook + serve the perfect roast turkey

    Are you responsible for the Christmas feast or perhaps you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or another big event that calls for roast turkey? Many people get anxious on Christmas Day when they think about cooking turkey. But there’s no need to panic because it couldn’t be easier, even for the amateur cooks!

    Here we show you how in just 4 easy steps. No one wants to eat dry turkey, so follow these failsafe instructions to ensure moist and tender roasted turkey perfection! And if you're more of a visual person, check out our new YouTube video of these cooking instructions. See our link below. ⇓⇓

    To avoid disappointment, make sure you order your Gourmet Dinner Service turkey ahead of time. This year we're offering a 1.5kg raw turkey breast that's already rolled and ready to go. It's frozen so you can thaw and bake at a time to suit yourself. Thanks to customer feedback, we have kept the stuffing separate this year so don't forget to add a serve of our delicious Orange, Almond + Herb Stuffing to your order as well.

  2. Christmas - How to store & serve our food

    Christmas - How to store & serve our food

    Christmas menu available mid October - 23 December 2023.

    See our full Christmas menu including pictures and pricing here.

    The following guide has been put together as a one-stop reference for all items on our Christmas/Entertaining Menu. Its purpose is to make storing, preparing and serving our Christmas food 100% foolproof, so you can get on with the business of enjoying yourself! This guide will tell you:

    • what the item is
    • how the product arrives to you (frozen/fresh, cooked/uncooked)
    • how to store it how to serve it (hot/cold)
    • what to serve it with
    • how long it will last

    Check through the categories for the specific items you’ve ordered. This will not only save you time and stress on Christmas day but will also ensure you get the very best, most delicious result! Note: Every item does carry a label with instructions on it.

  3. Recipe: Minted Green Bean Salad with Yoghurt

    Recipe: Minted Green Bean Salad with Yoghurt

    Here’s a salad that can be appreciated all year round.  It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and we guarantee it’s super easy, even for the most culinary-challenged!

    Enjoy it as a meal in itself (top with chicken or bacon to boost the protein) or serve as a zesty side dish.  The yoghurt and herb dressing make this salad the ideal accompaniment to many Indian, Mediterranean or Middle Eastern meals as well as seafood and barbequed meats.

  4. Top 10 tips to feed the kids & survive the school holidays!

    Top 10 tips to feed the kids & survive the school holidays!

    School holidays can completely mess with your usual food routine. But that’s ok. The trick is to make holiday food feel a bit more fun, make it more relaxed, give yourself a well-deserved break, yet still nourish those growing bodies with healthy food for kids. We can help you do all this, with these simple tips to feed the kids.

  5. Winter warmer meals: Best comfort food to warm you up

    Winter warmer meals: Best comfort food to warm you up

    As soon as the temperate drops, do you find yourself reaching for a double helping of warming foods? We tend to associate meals like cheesy pastas, stews, rich creamy curries, pies and pastries, pub-style meals and chocolatey treats as Winter comfort food. Let us say, these meals are not called comfort food for nothing! Don’t worry, you’re in good company as most people enjoy these Winter warmer meals just like you. There’s even some science around it.

    Head to the GDS Winter Comfort Foods menu here

  6. Healthy kids: best brain foods for kids

    Healthy kids: best brain foods for kids

    Good nutrition is vital for healthy kids. That’s because growing and developing bodies need nutrients and lots of them! The brain is no exception, it needs a huge supply of certain nutrients to optimally grow and function. That’s where brain foods for kids come in.

    Interesting fact - your child’s brain grows to 80% of its adult size by the time they are two years old. But don’t think that the need for good kids nutrition drops off after two years. Not at all! In fact, during the childhood years, the brain continues to expand and develop, in particular the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for many important critical thinking functions including memory, planning, focus and decision making – all areas we want our children to excel in.

  7. Indian Recipes: Cucumber raita + other condiments

    Indian Recipes: Cucumber raita + other condiments

    Add some flair to your curry night with these three simple condiments that can be made ahead of time and enjoyed alongside just about any Indian meal. We’ll show you how to quickly and simply prepare delicious cucumber raita; a salad of tomato onion and coriander; plus cardamom rice in the recipes below. These little side dishes are great for sharing with a group, will elevate the taste of your meal and dampen the heat of the curry if your tastebuds shout out to you!

  8. Freezing Food: Eat well, save money + help the environment.

    Freezing Food: Eat well, save money + help the environment.

    Our *trade secrets* revealed!

    If you’re looking for ways to be healthier, save time, save money and help the environment, then learning to effectively utilise your freezer is a good step. That’s because, it’s possible to always have a meal to fall back on; so long as you’re accustomed to freezing food portions as you buy or cook. We’ve been making fresh healthy meals and snap freezing them for 25 years so we know a thing or two about freezing meals. In this article we’re sharing our trade secrets with you!

    In this handy guide to freezing foods and freezing meals well, you’ll learn how you can help prevent food waste; which foods freeze well and which ones don’t; how to package foods properly so they survive and thrive in the freezer; and handy tips about utilising your freezer so that you can enjoy many delicious meals quickly and easily.

  9. Hazelnut and Mushroom Salad Recipe

    Hazelnut and Mushroom Salad Recipe

    While mushrooms are grown all year round, wild mushrooms are in season along the East Coast of Australia from February to May. At this time you can pick them yourself or buy inexpensively from your local green grocer. Never eat wild mushrooms you find in your yard or out in nature, unless you’re an expert – they can be dangerous or deadly! However, something fun you can consider is going on an organised fungi foraging tour where you can learn from the masters and are guaranteed a good haul of fresh caps.

  10. Mexican Recipes: Easy Peasy Guacamole! + Quick Corn Salad

    Mexican Recipes: Easy Peasy Guacamole! + Quick Corn Salad

    Mexico ranks as one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Known for its ancient ruins, colonial cities, nature reserves, festivals, beach resorts, friendly people and tasty cuisine.

    If you’re dreaming of a getaway to Mexico, you’re going to have to wait. In the meantime, why not bring the zesty flavours of Mexican gastronomy to your place instead? We make it easy with these two simple recipes you can whip up in minutes.

    Both these Mexican side dishes are the perfect accompaniement to our family meals, Chicken + Capsicum Fajitas with Green Harissa Sauce or Beef + Corn Enchiladas which will feed 4-6 people. Any leftovers can be thrown together in a wrap and enjoyed for lunch the next day!


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