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Let our chef cook for you!

We’ve been cooking up a storm for over 20 years so there’s not much we don’t know about cooking satisfying meals for the whole family.

Our chefs start every meal using the Holy Trinity of Flavours; garlic, herbs and spices and these are the foundation which the chefs build on, balancing the ingredients, cooking up big flavoured meals with plenty of goodness and most importantly, something you’ll be very happy to serve to your family (and we ours).

There’s something to please everyone on our menu, whether you are eating solo, with your partner or just a regular family dinner. We offer a huge variety of all-natural, handmade frozen meals and a sensational range of fresh salads so you always have something in your fridge or freezer for nights you are too busy to cook.

You'll never be bored with our food as our chefs create new meals each month, taking inspiration from food trends, new twists on old fav's and recipes handed down through their family. If you have family and friends with dietary needs they are not forgotten here. Just use Our Filters for Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Vegetarian, Coriander Free and Capsicum Free.

Most of the range is cooked and ready to heat and serve in minutes. But to keep things interesting and offer you variety, some meals may need to be finished in the oven. Everything is designed to be easy and all meals come with heating instructions so don’t get anxious, it’s fail-proof!


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