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Christmas Mains + Sides

SUNDAY 20 DECEMBER UPDATE: For any Prawn, Ham, Turkey and Salad orders please call Customer Service on 1300 131 070.

Our Christmas dishes include all the traditional festive foods you’d expect, as well as a range of more modern fare. You’ll find all our free-range turkey options here, which include 1kg or 2 kg rolled and stuffed breasts. They can be purchased raw (ready to bake at home) or are available cooked, ready to serve. Turkey comes with our delicious cranberry, pancetta, onion and sage stuffing, just choose from the regular or gluten-free variety.

A Christmas feast

Our 5kg ready-to-serve hams come double smoked or glazed with Maple syrup, star anise and cinnamon. Another option is to order a ham that we have scored, marinaded and glazed, ready for you to bake at home. Plus we offer sliced ham if you’re catering for smaller groups or lack fridge space.

If turkey and ham aren’t your thing, or you’re stocking up for other Christmas and New Year meals, you might consider our other meat and vegetarian options including slow cooked pork belly with crackling, duck a la orange, sweet, vegetarian antipasto platter, Chicken Ballotine, Greek lamb fillets, Aussie tiger prawns and more! You’ll also find a satisfying range of salads, sides and condiments in this section too.

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